dinsdag 22 juli 2014

The dirty propaganda war that surrounds the disaster of Malaysian Airlines MH17

How a hoax about a looted 'wedding ring' made it to the UN security council

You couldn't have missed this picture that was posted and printed almost everywhere and which created enormous outrage. Allegedly a Russian separatist is going through the belongings of the victims of Malaysian Airlines MH17. Looting said the press. And even the Dutch Foreign Affairs minister expressed his disgust about this 'thug' taking personal belongings from victims.

Was it really looting? Was it really a wedding ring? 

In his right hand the man holds a box. In the video that you can see below the man takes this box from what seems to be cargo parcels rather than belongings of victims. 

The man doesn't put the 'ring' in his pockets. He takes a close look, twists it, and then puts it back in the box. Apologies for the demo banner but miensoftware.com's sales links on their web page don't work (Continue reading after the video)

(Grabbed  with Miensoftware.com demo version because miensoftware.com's sales links are defunct)

It's still difficult to see what it really is, but in the next video we zoom in on the 'ring' to get a better idea. 


As far as I can tell, and correct me if I'm wrong, this is not a ring but some kind of an elbow like on the picture here on the right (4 mm SMC pneumatic fitting). Of course it doesn't have to be exactly this elbow, but it's definitely not a ring and  it's definitely not looted form a victim, but taken from cargo.

If newspapers deliberately spread false information and if even ministers take such information for granted and present it at the UN security council, then how accurate is the rest of the information surrounding this drama? How accurate is the information the Dutch Foreign Ministry gets and how properly do they screen this information?

Are we being informed by the media or is somebody banging the drum against the Russians and feeding us disinformation? You decide.

After I put this together somebody pointed me to the next video with the monkey photo opportunity hoax explained as well. Cui bono?